Jacksonville Roof Tarp ProtectionWhether it be from a natural disaster (Hurricane Ian), fire, or old roof leaks, we offer fast and reliable shrink wrap & roof tarping for residential and commercial buildings to provide a temporary solution to prevent further expenses from wind or water damages. We offer fair pricing depending on the size and quantity and urgency needed to protect your home or business. We suggest that tarps stay on roof no longer than 90 days, which is included in the pricing-put down-take off.


SHRINK WRAP ROOFINGMany homes in the Hurricane Ian areas have devastating damage to their roofs, and litigation could take months. Some roof types are not eligible for Operation Blue Tarp such as Tile & metal roofs, and you will see a significant wait time for these roofing materials to be available. In the meantime, some of you will be remodeling inside your home from water damage due to flooding, and the last thing you need is a repeat because of roof leaks that a blue tarp just can’t prevent. Vigilante & Family Shrink Wrap Roofing Services provides full roof & dwellings protection when a tarp just won’t cut it. I’m sure you can see the blue tarps coming up because of wind and heavy rain. We are certified with Wraproof, the inventor and patent holder of the most effective temporary roofing solution available.

Shrink Wrap RoofingThe Wraproof material is called Shurguard, which is a 12mil certified fire- resistant plastic membrane which is only provided through Roofing supply companies and all the accessories needed to secure your temporary roof. The installation method of heat shrinking the plastic, allows us to properly seal the entire roof to create a mold and moisture-free environment. The heated plastic shrink wrap will float tightly over the existing roof leaving it fully functioning and leak-free with a full one-year leak-free warranty.

If your insurance company is giving you the run around to protect your home with a Wraproof, we are here to assist you with your claim and provide info and photos of your roof damage. We also work with Jack, the best PA in the claims process.

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***Note*** All shrink wrap roof installers are required to have a business license, or certified roofing contractors license, and be fully insured with General Liability and Workers Comp. Don’t forget to check!!


Jacksonville Roof Tarp ProtectionDo you have roof damage from Hurricane Ian? Protecting your home from further costs due to an open or leaking roof, begins at the top. We are here to help! At Vigilante, we offer 24/7 service and peace of mind. We will assess the damage to your roof, the size and /or quantity of tarps needed. We are a full licensed roofing company that can help with repairs, and most importantly, work with your insurance company to ease the process of a roof claim.

Working with your homeowners insurance can be another daunting task all on its own.  By getting your roof tarped, and taking the necessary precautions to prevent further rain or wind damage to your home, makes an insurance adjuster happy, and eases the chances of a claim denial.  We will be available to assist in the  removal and re-installment of the tarp in the first 30 days for the adjuster to assess damages. We can also provide  photos of your property damage  and provide proof of payment for the roof tarping. Although payment is due upon day of tarp installation, most tarping payments are  included in your insurance claim, and you will be reimbursed, but to be sure, call your homeowners insurance ahead of time for details.

Not sure what size tarp is needed for roof protection? All tarp pricing will be based on size, quantity, and the response time of an emergency.  If a tree falls on your house in the middle of a rainy night, and you don't want to sleep in a wet mess, of course the emergency is dire, and will cost a little more, but we are here to help and reassure you throughout the process. To get an estimate prior to coming out, you can always email us a picture of the damage to be tarped, so you know ahead of time what to expect as far as price. All payments are to be made in full, prior to commencement of work,  and backed with a 30 day warranty. This warranty guarantees the workmanship from the tarp coming off within the 30 days under normal weather conditions.  This warranty also covers the removal and re-installment of tarp, within the 30 days, at the request of your insurance company and adjuster.  If any other company or individual removes the tarp for any reason, the warranty is null and void. Please contact us first before this happens to insure the tarp is properly fastened. No refunds are available after payment, unless we do not have the right tarp, materials or labor to fulfill your roof tarping needs.